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Princeville Kauai Hideaway beach

Hideaway Beach Princeville Kauai

Aloha and Welcome to Kauai’s Many Activities, from just relaxing on one of its many varied beaches to snorkeling one of its famous reefs to hiking the rugged Napali Coast…Kauai has something for everyone of every age! Here you will find a list of some of the great Tours, Beaches, Hikes, Snorkeling Reefs and Farmers Markets times and locations.

Kauai is the place to explore and enjoy nature and all it has to offer, take the time, plan your trip and expect to be wowed!

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Hike Kauai With Me … Hiking in Kauai

Hiking the Napali Coast on Kauai

Hiking in Kauai on the Napali Coast…Awesome!

From the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the colorful depths of Waimea Canyon, Kauai enchants the senses like no other place on earth — packed with hidden ravines and cascading waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. I live for the privileged opportunity of taking others into the great outdoors of Kauai. Hike Kauai with me is a privately owned hiking outfit that specializes in hiking adventures for all types of people – whether you are a beginner with limited experience or a seasoned outdoorsman with numerous expeditions under your belt. We tailor our tours to the exact specifications that fit your unique comfort level. No large groups to take away from your serenity experience, just you. As a small, individually owned company, we are able to give you the personal attention and care that you require at just the pace you want with just the views you crave – a tour that will lodge itself into your memory for years to come. So, grab your camera and your sense of adventure and come hike Kauai with me!!!



Local farmers market in Hanalei Kauai

Kauai’s Farmers Markets!

While here in our vacation rental on the Hawaiian Islands, make it a point to visit one of the many local farmers markets. Organic farming is a huge industry on Kauai, growing staples like tomatoes and lettuce to exotic tropical fruits and vegetables. The markets are very popular for local residents, restaurant owners and tourists. Each day of the week you will find a market on some part of the island, each with its own character and specialties.

Aside from produce, some of the markets also offer fresh flowers, fish, handmade crafts and gifts. Some of the markets are run by the county others are privately run by farmer’s associations. Every market offers a fresh taste of the islands, and a great chance to interact with kama’aina (residents) and the local farmers who contribute to Hawaiian sustainable agriculture.


  • Koloa Knudsen Ball Park, Koloa Town, Noon
  • Kukui Grove Shopping Center Parking Lot, Lihue  3 pm


  • Kalaheo Neighborhood Center , Kalaheo   3:30 pm
  • Waipa Ahupua’a Field, ¼ mile from Hanalei,  2pm


  • Kapa’a New Town Ball Park, Kapa’a  3pm


  • Kilauea Neighborhood Center, Kilauea  4:30pm


  • Vidna Stadium Parking Lot, Lihue   3pm


    • Kekaha Neighborhood Center, Kekaha  9am
    • Hanalei Neighborhood Center, Hanalei  9:30am
    • Field by the post office, Kilauea  11:30am

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